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Does PCMatic Work ?

You've probably seen the commercial for PCMatic a program that is supposed to speed up your PC and fix annoying windows problems.

I managed to get my hands on a copy.

First of all when you go to their website you'll get a free download of the software that scans your PC. The scanner will check your PC for registry errors, startup errors, spyware, adware and other problems and errors (missing file links etc) it finds, then reports them back to you.
In order to fix the problems it finds you'll need to purchase a subscription to PCMatic for $29.95 a year (and they will try to sell you a bunch of other stuff too).

So is PCMatic a Scam?
No, it's not a scam. In my opinion a scam is something that says it will do something then can not perform that act.
If you have spyware, adware and registry errors, fixing them will definitely bring your PC's speed back to normal. Spyware and Adware especially can slow down your system a TON because they are constantly monitoring what you're doing.
So, yes PCMatic can fix these problems so in my opinion, again, it does what it says.

Do I recommend PCMatic?
Not specifically, only because it's a subscription service, I encourage people not to signup for subscriptions only because in a year you will forget and get charged and may not need the service.
This is one of those types of programs where you would use it once every few months to clean up your PC, definitely something you want, but you don't want to pay for it for the next 5 years.
There's many other Registry Cleaners and Adware/Spyware removers that accomplish the same thing for a one time payment or even free (though I do become wary of totally free software as it usually is missing some features and comes with no support).